Biggest Lab
is a Tech Firm

We focus on providing interoperability for Decentralized Finance, Blockchain Gaming and Decentralized Digital Assets (ddAssets).

We build CryptoKnights, a triple-A Blockchain Game.

We design Monet.Market, an Digital Asset protocol and marketplace.

We run !Space, a hacker makerspace.


Biggest Lab is always hard at work on groundbreaking projects that redefine the boundaries of possibility.

Real-Time Fighting
Trading Card Game

CryptoKnights is a game in which two medieval Knights bash each other with Swords. The combat is performed real-time, but actions are made by playing Cards.

CryptoKnights is a blockchain game and in-game assets are Decentralized Digital Assets. Players own their items.

Download CryptoKnights!

Match up and fight with CryptoKnights players around the world!

Dynamo Vault

Led ERC-4626 vault development and boosted pool integration in the Balancer ecosystem!

Implemented Vyper contracts to enable the asset manager to interact with linear pools as developed by Balancer.

Cloud AUD

Developed the on-chain factoring and yield-bearing Cloud AUD (cAUD) ERC-20 stablecoin smart contract in Vyper.

Providing a blockchain indexer and EVM event store.


Yukai's Linktree

Yukai "LaDoger" Jerng

Founder & CEO
  • 5 years TradFi. 3 years DeFi. 30 years Gaming.
  • Likes to play CryptoKnights.
  • Dogecoin Maximalist.
Ben's Twitter

Benjamin Scherrey

Founder & CTO
  • 37 years in tech development.
  • Eats Po' Boy Sandwiches.
  • Very interoperable.
Kiri's website

Kirit Saelensminde

Founder, Chief Systems Architect
  • Is coding right now.
  • Was coding just then.
  • Will be coding very soon.
Sajal's Twitter

Sajal "SerKnight" Kayan

Founder, DevOps
  • Plays CryptoKnights even more than LaDoger.
  • Runs an ETH 2.0 node.
  • Drives an electric car.
Ploy's Telegram

Ploy Wongsiya

Founder, Testing/Instrumentation
  • Knows your weakness but keeps you safe.
  • Paid to break systems so others can't.
  • Watches us from MontrĂ©al.
Morgan's Twitter

Morgan "Morgue" Baugh

Chief Designer
  • 10 years mechanical engineering.
  • Designs everything.
  • Hot rod builder.
Jero's Youtube

Jero "Jero" Jero

Unity & Vyper Developer
  • Does not have a profile picture.
  • Plays CS GO. (C# & Golang)
  • Wears a hoodie.
Sammy's Youtube

Sammy Gibbs Junior

Tester & Jester
  • There is a real clown skin in CryptoKnights
  • that "they" don't want you to know about.
  • Don't tell anybody that I told you this.
Lee A's Github

Lee A

Client-side architect
  • League of Legends historian
  • Bokeh connoisseur
  • Quadrascopic & cinemagraphic animator
Mook's Twitter

Lost in the Mook

Barista/Bartender at !Space
  • SEO Strategist.
  • Mom to 2 hedgehogs.
  • Very influential Youtuber.

Hiroyuki "Hiro" Komiya

Head of Business Development
  • Plays every playable blockchain game.
  • Shares his Digital Assets with those in need.
  • Degen.
Jonas' Twitter

Jonas S Karlsson

Malevolent Dictator of !Space
  • Ex Google Megastore, Google Wave.
  • Appears in !Space.
  • Codes in C.


5th floor, East Wing
88 Ratchadaphisek Rd
Khwaeng Khlong Toei
Bangkok 10110

The PARQ is a Grade A office complex where the Biggest Lab Team BUILDS.

Biggest Lab is located in Bangkok, Thailand.